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Hi Nick and Rich,

    When I first started wearing the frequency bangle, I noticed that the muscle/tendon pain that I had in my shoulder subsided in whichever arm I wore the bangle. This phenomenon heightened my curiosity as to which part of the bangle was aiding in the relief of the pain. Was it the quartz crystal, red coral, and pearl part of the bangle? Or was it the silver and/or copper links? Since I also had wrist pain due to carpal tunnel and heavy weight lifting, I was interested to see if this jewelry would help ease the pain in my wrists as well. 

    As an experiment to see which jewelry helped the most to ease my bodily pains, I began to wear different combinations of the frequency bangles, a copper/silver spring link bracelet, an all copper spring link bracelet, and an all silver spring link bracelet. 
With my shoulder pain, I found that it eased whether I wore 2 frequency bangles on each arm, or just one frequency bangle on one arm and the copper/silver bangle on the other arm. Thus I concluded that it had to be one of the metals, the copper or the silver, that eased the pain.

    With my wrist pain, there was a significant difference in the lessening of the pain on the wrist on which I wore the copper. Thus, I concluded that the copper metal was the winner in terms of lessening my bodily pains. 

     When I had tried copper bracelets in the past, they didn't work as well in reducing pain, probably because they were cheap imitations of copper that were alloyed with other metals; hence they were not pure copper. The copper links from Astrogems are pure copper; and this is why their copper jewelry is so effective in reducing my bodily pains. 

    In the future I'm looking into a copper necklace to help with my neck pain, and a copper belt to wear against  my skin to help with my back pain. I also believe another reason the copper link jewelry is so effective is because it forms a full uninterrupted circuit around the body part on which it is worn; and furthermore because it has full contact pressed against the skin. I feel the latter two factors contribute to the excellent design of Astrogems’ copper spring link jewelry.

    On a final note, I almost never have to take my copper jewelry off because it fits so comfortably on the skin, and on the rare occasions I do have to take them off, I feel the pain slowly coming back. I'm excited to have found that pure copper is so effective in helping ease bodily pain. The jewelry is also so beautiful and rich looking; I'm always getting compliments on all the pieces I wear!

     Thank you so much Nick and Rich for making this amazing, health giving jewelry!


             Monica Schneider

Courtesy of:

"After signing a consent form, a 70-year old semi-retired male engineer in good general health reported that he had had tremor in his hands, but nowhere else, for 25 years. He recalled his father having had the same tremor. A general practitioner had diagnosed this engineer’s case as familial tremor. He had also heard it termed “anticipatory tremor”—it occurred mainly when he moved his hands to undertake some action.

Over time the tremor had gained in amplitude. When he held a piece of paper, he had a hard time reading because his hands would shake. When he lifted up a briefcase, his hand would “go wild”, with jerks of a full inch back and forth. However, the tremor was not so bad as significantly to disrupt his manual activities at work. He is right-handed. The tremor was worse in his left hand than in his right at a ratio that he estimated as 3:2.

Out of curiosity and without having any notion of treating his tremor, the engineer began to wear 24 hours a day on his left wrist a copper bracelet with two 1 mm diameter NdFeB magnets on the inside of each end (=4).

One week later, his wife remarked that his hands had stopped shaking. He did not know of any other reason for this than his wearing of the bracelet. He reported that the amplitude of the tremor had dropped by approximately 80% in typical situations. But when he became nervous or, for instance, was carrying his briefcase, the tremor was only reduced by approximately 33%. This improvement continued for two months up to the time of the interview. The reduction in tremor occurred in both hands. He did not observe any other effects except that he had to wash off the green copper that appeared on his skin."

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