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Electro Magnetic Effects

Electro Magnetic considerations of the Copper Bracelet.

My realization that copper was a powerful therapeutic tool for arthritis occurred when I was 12 years old. Here is how it happened.

My grandfather was an admiral. He was also a surgeon and doctor. His father died shortly after his birth and his mother became a schoolteacher who struggled to bring him up while they were forced to move to the slums of Manchester in England. He excelled and got scholarships all the way to university and had an exceptionally keen and rational mind, which in later life gained him an appointment as the Queens honorary surgeon. His way of thinking was further endorsed by an extremely successful, lifelong naval career. His was a nature that did not take kindly to (what he considered to be) superstition or fanciful suggestion.

When he was in his eighties, he developed severe rheumatoid arthritis. My grandmother, who was in many ways his opposite, recommended that he wear a copper bracelet to help his condition. He ridiculed her belligerently, saying the idea was nothing but superstitious hogwash. Pain however, has a way of helping persuade us to be more open-minded, and a few weeks later the discomfort had become so great that he was willing to try anything. He furtively went into the garage workshop and beat out a copper pipe with a hammer into a flattened shape that could be worn as a bracelet. (In those days most copper bracelets were hand made, as the Internet wasn’t available with endless purchasing options). He even secretly wore it under his shirt so my grandmother wouldn't see it. A few weeks later after having taken it off and on several times he became convinced that the copper bracelet was ameliorating an enormous amount of his pain.

True to form in his military tradition with the confidence that his senior rank afforded him, he proudly announced to the world (ignoring my grandmother's "I told you so's") that the copper bracelet was a wonderful discovery for his arthritis. Sadly, in my grandfather’s time the wonderful invention of water ionizers for eliminating arthritis had not been invented, but if they had, I am sure his science loving mind would have purchased one. For more info on that subject go to:

  It was during an annual family visit to their home in the lovely Somerset English countryside that I heard him relate this exciting story as he sat at the head of the dinner table telling us how wonderful the copper bracelets had been for him. It was an amusing mini-drama witnessing the dismissive attitude of Grandpa as he unfairly claimed the credit for discovering how amazing copper can be with absorbing pain. Some authorities on this subject believe that Copper has a property to disintegrate super oxide radicals that causes disturbances in the lubrication property in the joints, which may further cause rheumatoid arthritis and tendinitis.

I thought at that time, "If a copper bracelet can do this for arthritis, what can other metals do? What can gems do?" I had a deep fascination for gems at an early age, but this particular incident left an indelible impression upon me, because I knew the character of my grandfather. I admired his assertively cynical intelligence and his stoic need for reason and empirical data. But in my grandmother, I saw the very contradiction. She was much more feeling orientated and passionate for things felt but not necessarily seen, her way of thinking was much more disdained in the English 1960’s that it would be today. Her interests in energy healing, intuition, and psychic pursuits back then were sadly dismissed as weird.

  Since then I've met many people who wear copper necklaces and copper bracelets for arthritis as well as a wide host of other jewelry based instruments to improve their lives in one way or another.

  With copper bracelets I have talked with a large number of individuals who have experienced major improvements in their conditions. And of course, I've met a large number who haven't reported any benefit at all.

  Sportsmen such as golf and tennis players are known to wear copper bracelets as they practice their sport, as it allows them to feel calmer and help them focus on the game better and many of them claim to have less repetitive strain injuries.

From an organized and highly respected institutional model, most of the evidence on the health benefits of copper bracelets are so far is anecdotal. So far, there has not been any expensive and extensive conclusive scientific study supporting these benefits

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My observation with the copper bracelet is that often people don't wear a copper bracelet that is heavy or pure enough. Being a pure metal is really important and these days, because copper tarnishes, many vendors only sell copper alloy bracelets, which are ineffective. I suggest it has to be at least one full ounce of pure copper (in any form necessary). It should preferably be a flat piece, with maximum skin contact. It is best worn near the site of the arthritic condition or other discomfort. Ideally the bracelet should wrap itself all the way around the limb its being worn on. If the person has a larger body, then a heavier bracelet will work better.

Two can work better than one if worn on separate arms, as it is logical to expect the pain conductive influence of copper will work better on a wider electrical field of the whole body if spaced well apart. The ultimate copper bracelet is the spring copper bracelet as it completely surrounds the electrical circuitry on the arm unlike a C shaped copper bracelet. The great thing about the spring copper bracelets is that they are comfortable to wear on the upper arms without slipping down and can be relocated on any limb of the body with ease and experimentation.

The main characteristic needed for the copper bracelet to work is to have one that snugly touches the skin in the widest ergonomic manner possible. Being dissatisfied with the rigid C-shaped copper bracelets that do not have consistent snug skin contact is a reason we ( have developed the skin-hugging pure copper spring bracelet.

The copper bracelet is wonderful, and I strongly recommended it on account of its lower cost. Other highly beneficial and conductive metals are pure silver, and pure gold. We do make several designs in these metals also. When the pure metals are turned into alloys the elemental crystal characteristics of the noble metals are greatly deformed and do not have the characteristic resonance of frequency when interacting with the electrical body. The beneficial influence of copper has nothing to do with the sometimes-green surface chemical reaction with acidic perspiration.

People wonder what arthritis or fibromyalgia is, and of course there are many different types, but I think overall there are several diseases that are related to the electrical polarity of our system. The electrolytic aspect of whether we have an imbalance of negative ions or positive ions in our blood.  With arthritis or gout there can be some relationship to the electroplating process as our electrical body can "plate" our bones or cells with added calcium or not. The "scale" in a kettle and the calcium-lime coating in a water pipe are both the result of the electrolytic transfer of opposite poles in attraction from the water elements to the wall of the container.

It's the same situation with complex ingredients in the blood, which is influenced by positively ion charged acidic waste. Man has not yet designed instruments to prove this theory completely and many others similar to it. 

  If clients ask me if this is the ultimate therapeutic bracelet or bangle the answer in my 30 years full time experience, would be that they are really great to wear but there are other types of bracelets and bangles that accomplish different benefits. When it comes to the noble metals it is imperative they are pure and of sufficient weight with ample skin contact.

But if you are the type of person who has low energy, health problems, or depression, I would think it's only normal to suggest that you may have, in the various systems of your body, an electrical imbalance that needs to be harmonized and probably strengthened.  With and I have been doing research for over 30 years investigating how gems and noble metals can bring into balance the inharmonious electrical conditions of the body which can also be felt by the mind and thus assist the processes of recovery. Another way to assist this that has little to do with bracelets or bangles is to drink freshly made ionized or electron saturated water that can not be bottled as it loses its electrical charge.  Most disease begins when there is either a hypo or hyper energetic imbalance in the body. And most medicine sadly focuses on the symptom rather than the unbalancing cause. Copper is just one way to help bring the body into a better balance along with a host of other prospective skin touching instruments. Of great interest to the research done by is the influence on different types of personality and constitution while multi gemstone bangles. Wearing pure copper necklace chains is another way of absorbing out of balance mental activity is it tension, certain types of headaches or a racing mind. Many persons are a bit airy or restless in their psychological make up and to help absorb some of this scattered thinking patterns or static electricity.

  With we have done extensive and very exciting research on multi colored quartz crystal bangles that amongst other ground breaking discoveries explained in the testimonial pages have been found to offer great relief with depression and other issues and to ensure the reader does not suspect fraudulent promotion we even offer a lengthy 31 day full money back guarantee.

Copper bracelets as lightning rods

Like the copper rod that protects the house from lightning, we need to be grounded from the un-bio-friendly electrical-magnetic frequencies we attract from cell phones, computers, TV’s, and walking on synthetic carpets. Some people hold in more electrical charge than others, and they especially need to wear a grounding copper bracelet, or even one made of pure silver or pure gold (or combinations thereof). We all have an electrical auric field that emanates out of the body and this field needs to be vitalized and stabilized for optimum health.

  Being earthed is a subject that is gaining momentum as many disease conditions seem to be exasperated by wearing shoes that have insulated us from the earths bio friendly magnetic field. Noble metals all conduct electricity, though pure gold, silver, copper and sometimes even a lead silver alloy appear to be especially useful for human use. What's important is that they have sufficient weight. Of course a toxic colon, pH imbalance or toxic GMO foods etc. can also throw out our electrolytic balance. The concept that needs recognition is that the complex trillion dollar pharmaceutical industries greatly ignore the needed research on the electrical body and that culture is permeating our paradigm in western society.

If we look back over the last two centuries at the many different forms of electromagnetic energy that have been recently discovered (gamma rays, X-rays, radio waves, microwaves, lasers etc.) it's logical to presume that we still haven't invented the hundreds of instruments to discover the many as yet unknown energy forms. In light of this I feel one day the beneficial effects of wearing certain metals and gems will be verifiable with as-yet undiscovered measuring technology.

The mind-body connection

There's a constant ebb and flow of energy required for a harmonic balance in the mind and body. The human mind can obviously trigger the body to manifest various psychosomatic negative health conditions and with these manifesting physical conditions a precursor to them is a decline or imbalance in electrical energy; just as certain body conditions will stimulate a less resilient mind to certain mental states. In turn, negative conditions of the mind and body can be lessened or eliminated by using the influence of positively charged beneficial materials touching the body’s electrical field.

Samuel Hahnemann, the great father of homeopathy, with his extraordinary perception and foresight, was able to state as early as 1842:

"The dynamic forces of mineral magnetism, electricity, and galvanism act no less homeopathically and powerful y on our vital principle than medicines actually called homeopathic, which overcome diseases when taken by mouth, rubbed on the skin, or smelled.     

  But we still know far too little about the right way of using electricity, galvanism, and the so-called electromagnetic machine to put them to homeopathic use."

Many health professionals agree that when man more commonly walked barefoot on the earth there was an exchange of electrons beneficial to mans health. By not wearing insulating rubber souled shoes he had a natural developed resilience to other frequencies that can create an imbalance in our electrical field. One theory is that by not being in touch with nature without adequate sunshine and walking barefoot while eating denatured foods our bodies are even more intolerant of the weakening EMF’s around us.

Though we have mentioned how modern man is surrounded by excessive inharmonious electro- magnetic frequencies that are radiating out of powerful cell towers, cell phones, electrical circuits, radio transmitters, radars and computers there is another perspective to evaluate along these lines. Just as Darwin explained the significance of physical evolution based on environmental adaption. Man has also an electrical body that integrates and optimizes itself with planet earth and cosmic radiations. This same automated feature of the body electrical is reacting to excessive frequencies in ways we have not yet profiled well or proven. 

  The well-known writer and teacher of meditation, Paramahansa Yogananda, wrote in his Autobiography of a Yogi:

  Just as a house can be fitted with a copper rod to absorb the shock of lightning, so the bodily temple can be benefited by various protective measures. Ages ago our yogis discovered that pure metals emit an astral light, which is powerfully counteractive to negative, pulls of the planets. Subtle electrical and magnetic radiations are constantly circulating in the universe; when a man's body is being aided, he does not know it; when it is being disintegrated, he is still in ignorance. Can he do anything about it?

  “This problem received attention from our rishis; they found helpful not only a combination of metals, but also of plants and - most effective of all - faultless jewels of not less than two carats. …..One little-known fact is that the proper jewels, metals, or plant preparations are valueless unless the required weight is secured, and unless these remedial agents are worn next to the skin.'…

The human body has many natural frequencies. Among them are the heartbeat, the cerebrospinal fluid flow, the respiratory rhythm, and the electromagnetic rhythms of the brain.  John Zimmerman, PhD., documented that the hand of a Touch for Health healer emits an electro-magnetic frequency averaging between 7-8 Hz when the healer is actively engaged in employing healing touch.

Regarding nature and frequencies, it is also interesting to note that the alpha waves of the brain appear to be very similar, if not virtually identical to the "Schumann" electromagnetic resonances recorded at the Earth's surface. In 1954 Schumann and Konig reported on their discovery of naturally occurring electromagnetic pulsations on the Earth. (Schumann 1954a/17) Schumann resonances are natural waves excited by lightning strikes in the cavity between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere.

In essence, lightning pumps energy into the earth-ionosphere cavity, and causes it to vibrate or resonate at extremely low frequencies. The electromagnetic waves created by lightning travel around the Earth at the speed of light, reflecting from the ionosphere to earth and back again in cyclical fashion. These waves circumnavigate the globe an average of 7.83 times per second. As noted above, this frequency correlates with the average frequency of alpha brain waves in human beings.

Does it not make sense that if we are  being bombarded  or caressed with so many wildly differing frequencies of technology that, like a copper lightning rod, some of this can get earthed out by wearing a copper bracelet, bangle or necklace? In years past our food was much more earth-frequencied due to its natural state and development.

Dr. Kikuo Chishima, a Japanese professor asserts that the “energetic,” or “frequency information,” of the food we eat is even more important than the nutrients. Food contains molecular compounds of amino acids, complex carbohydrate chains, and various chemical elements, each having their own unique frequency or vibration. It is the vibrations of the nutrients that raise the vibrations of the body's tissue. Pesticide and chemical laden fruits and vegetables, as well as animal protein contaminated with antibiotics and growth hormones, have 'chaotic vibratory oscillations' that act to derail the high coherence of our nutritional energy needs. Thus, our food has to be in the utmost coherent energy state because that is what is taken into our cells in the form of bio-photon energy. “Energetic coherence” is of high importance.

So does it stand to reason if we are not eating a high percent-age raw organic diet then our electrical frequency storage in our cellular body could already be hypersensitive to less harmonic electromagnetic waves?

When writing his advice in 1950 about wearing a bangle made with pure copper, silver and gold Yogananda also wrote the following:

According to astrological laws, to do away with bad influences of planets there is nothing better than a bangle. Every two bodies of the universe attract. When this adhesive power of the body cells becomes lax with the advance of old age, the planetary pull becomes stronger, causing more laxity of the cells, inviting disease and mental disturbance. The bangle and its combinations of metals as fixed by the Rishis, emanate electrical rays unseen by human eyes, which counteract all planetary vibrations. Just as a lightening rod is affixed to a house to absorb the falling thunder and lightning, so the bangle is a lightning rod to absorb the ferocity of bad planetary rays falling on the body. When disease attacks the body, or accidents are attracted by bad karma, or business troubles occur due to a weak body or disturbed nerves hence disturbed mind, the bangle will lessen the force of a physical or mental attack of karma....

Human tissues have shown widely varied responses to magnetic fields depending on the nature of the signal. One can induce meaningful electrical and magnetic current densities within biological tissue. Any substance that conducts electricity (including living tissue) possesses an induced electrical current (Faraday's law of induction). The earths Magnetic fields as well as a highly technological and electronically based environment create electrical potentials and stimuli within the different tissues of the body. The game changer is to be selectively strengthened by the benign radiations and to be able to screen out or avoid the bio-inharmonious frequencies.

As an aside to gain credibility to who and how remarkable Yogananda was as an authority on things little understood, “Time Magazine” reported when he left his body, it remained incorrupt-able:

“The absence of any visual signs of decay in the dead body of Paramahansa Yogananda offers the most extra-ordinary case in our experience... No physical disintegration was visible in his body even twenty days after death... No indication of mold was visible on his skin, and no visible drying up took place in the bodily tissues. This state of perfect preservation of a body is, so far as we know from mortuary annals, an unparalleled one... No odor of decay emanated from his body at any time...”

Paramahansa Yogananda also wrote in another book The Divine Romance:

"In this age, man will make great headway in the electrical or electromagnetic field of science.
As Dwapara Yuga progresses, disease will be treated and healed more and more by rays. Vibra-tory energy can reach the electronic factors of the atoms, the building blocks of matter, where gross chemicals cannot penetrate."

Already great strides of healing and pain relief are being made with pulsed electromagnetic resonance simulation.

Quantum Scientists are still discovering subatomic particles within the atom that seem to have unique electronic qualities. Our tissues are comprised of cells. The cells are made of molecules and the molecules are made of atoms. The atoms are made of subatomic particles including protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, leptons, gauge bosons and other subatomic particles. But it goes on so much further than this there are six flavors or quarks, six types of leptons, twelve gauge bosons, and the list is growing still.   And of course this is just what has been discovered so far. We have used chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry for centuries in an effort to improve human health but not tools for electro stimuli or balance.

Quantum physics is still less than a hundred years young; its laws have helped us understand our universe better. Chemistry immediately embraced quantum theories. However, the world of biology and medicine did not. It is finally time to fuse these disciplines and set the table for the medicine of the future. Just as advanced scientists are discovering differing characteristics of many sub-atomic particles these electronic or magnetic field characteristics all have stable and essential life giving properties in bio tissue.  It should be an obvious scientific interest to research the bio electronic influences of materials and other elements such as copper on the body electric.

Of the 83 different metals in the periodic table Copper comes in a close second to silver as the most efficient   electrical conductor thus it would only seem reasonable that copper may mildly stabilize some of the electronic spikes or needs of our cellular structure.

The most conductive of all metals are silver, copper and gold in that order. Copper is 9% less conductive than silver, and Gold is 24% less conductive than copper. Silver is also the most thermally conductive element, and the most light-reflecting element. The silver ion (Ag+) is bioactive and in sufficient concentration readily kills bacteria in vitro. Silver and silver nanoparticles are used as an antimicrobial in a variety of industrial, healthcare, and domestic applications. Pure silver, not sterling silver which is an alloy, is an excellent metal to wear with sufficient weight and skin contact and we also make our bracelets with metal.

Many believe that certain inflammatory diseases and tumorous conditions are related to electrical malfunctions at an electronic cellular level. Of course before this occurs the electrical malfunction may slowly creep up in a amplifying manner due to environmental or nutritional toxicity, but is it not logical to presume certain materials touching the skin and hence touching our electrical field can absorb some of the excess static or imbalance?

Electrons are fundamental to life and biology. It appears that a fundamental difference between life and death is the ability of tissues and cells to conduct electricity- to direct the flow of electrons in an organized fashion. The fact that quantum physics, as a discipline, has been excluded from medical and biological training is a travesty. The sooner we incorporate an energetic perspective into our understanding of molecules   and atoms within diseased and healthy tissue, the sooner we will stumble upon major advances in thinking and healing.

I often sell copper necklaces and the thermal conducting qualities really surprise the wearers. They feel the area around the necklace and are deeply surprised how warm their skin feels. At a quantum level what is this doing? What if they have a sluggish thyroid? What if they have congestion in this area from the flu etc.? When will detailed studies be done? I cannot make claims in the USA or refer to detailed observations, as the FDA will immediately seek to prosecute me, so I can only suggest considerations that may relate a lot my observations.

It is important to not be excessively judgmental in assuming I am pretending to promise healing or massive health shifts through copper or other pure metal bracelets I am just saying every step in strengthening our electrical body will help our physical, psycho-logical and spiritual nature. By how much will depend on a lot of factors that can often not be measured with the limited technology available today.  

Copper, silver, and gold are all close cousins and are the only metals in group 11 of the periodic table, and they share certain attributes: they have one s-orbital electron on top of a filled d-electron shell and are characterized by high ductility and electrical conductivity. The human body can have an excess of electricity of different types and this excess static electricity is best absorbed by a highly conductive metal like copper than be allowed to imbalance the body’s electrical field and create various health issues.

The low hardness of copper partly explains its high electrical conductivity and its high thermal conductivity, which is the second highest among pure metals at room temperature. This is because the resistivity to electron transport in metals at room temperature mostly originates from scattering of spinning electrons on the thermal vibrations of the lattice, which are relatively weak for a soft metal. As with other metals, if copper is placed against an-other metal, galvanic corrosion will occur. Copper inhibits bacterial growth, and is an important mineral for the effective metabolism of all living organisms.

Together with cesium and gold (both yellow), and osmium (bluish), copper is one of only four elemental metals with a natural color other than gray or silver. Pure copper is the only orange-red metal and acquires a reddish tarnish when exposed to air. The characteristic color of copper results from the electronic transitions between the filled 3d and half-empty 4s atomic shells – the energy difference between these shells is such that it corresponds to orange light. Or another way to put it is that its atomic balance harmonizes, resonates, and attracts the red-orange range in the spectrum to colorize its energy wave field.

Interestingly the ancient astrologers in India advised wearing copper or red coral if a person had a weakly placed Mars in their horoscope.  Like copper, Mars also has a reddish appearance and is referred to as the ‘Red Planet' or Mangal. It is the ruling Planet for Aries. If our Mars is strong in our horoscope, according to the Indian Astrologers where astrology first developed, the influence of Mars on the positive side gives us energy, strong will, independence, and self-confidence. Many of those who have worn pure copper chain necklaces, bracelets or bangles of sufficient weight have expressed a subtle sense of similar sentiments when wearing pure copper. A negative influence in our horoscope, meaning that Mars that is weakly placed, can mean, sensitivity to cold weather or conditions,slow healing recovery, marital discord, infertility, menstrual problems in women, accidents, and blood related diseases.

Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient system of healing in the Indian tradition.  It recommends copper for alleviating excessive kapha and reducing fat. Besides helping to cure anemia, it is regarded favorably with any weakness with the spleen, liver, and lymphatic system and some skin pigment issues such as Vitilgo.

The use of copper and other metals for medicinal purposes is found throughout recorded history in all cultures. It is believed by some ancient cultures that wearing copper bracelets can help to alleviate many inharmonies in the human body, such as arthritis, rheumatism, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  Gold is regarded as helping to improve the memory and improve mental clarity.

What makes pure copper or pure silver so extremely interesting is that their energy wave units (as atoms can be called by quantum scientists) are designed in such a way that their atoms line up unerringly by the trillion in symmetrical geometric alignments allowing for an evenly regulated and unusually potent unencumbered energy flow. We all understand the amazing power of focused aligned photons in a light based laser. When the photons are aligned harnessing the extraordinary amplification of their geometrically aligned unified energy a tremendous power beam is created.

The alignment of  spinning electrons in gems and metals was something that the ancient Himalayan rishis deeply understood thousands of years ago as well as the scientists of Atlantis and Lemuria.

In 1780, Luigi Galvani discovered that when two different metals (e.g., copper and zinc) are connected and both touched at the same time to two different parts of a nerve of a frog leg, then the leg contracts. He called this "animal electricity" [2]. Such a discovery confounded the scientific world, and yet I postulate that humble copper and other pure metals also have attributes still not  widely recognized in relation to bioscience and the electronics of the cell.

   In “The Secret Life Of Plants” by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. Bose recounts:

 “(in 1899) Bose began a comparative study of the curves of molecular reaction in inorganic substance and those in living animal tissue. To his awe and surprise, the curves produced by slightly warmed magnetic oxide of iron showed striking resemblance to those of muscles. In both , response and recovery diminished with exertion, and the consequent fatigue could be removed by gentle massage or by exposure to a bath of warm water. Other metal components reacted in animal-like ways…

 When Sir Michael Foster, secretary of the Royal Society , came to Bose’s laboratory one morning to see for himself what was happening, Bose showed the Cambridge veteran some of his recordings. The older man said jocularly, ‘Come now , Bose, what is the novelty of this curve? We have known it for at least half a century!’

“’But what do you think it is ?” Bose persisted quietly.

“’Why, a curve of muscle response, of course! Said Foster.

“Looking, at the professor from the depths of his haunting brown eyes, Bose said firmly, Pardon me , but it is the response from metallic tin!’

“Foster was aghast. ‘What?’ he shouted, jumping from his chair. “Tin? Did you say tin?” ”When Bose showed him his results, Foster was a thrilled as  he was astounded.”

An Article in Asia magazine (March 1923) continues the story:

“ Foster was overwhelmed. Boldly Bose voiced his conclusion: ‘amongst such phenomena how can we draw the line of demarcation and say that here the physical ends and there the physiological begins? Such absolute barriers do not exist.’

“If metals seem to live , what may not be expected of Plants?

“At the close of one of his Royal Society addresses, after he had shown the complete similarity between response of apparently dead metals , plants and muscles, Bose Poetically uttered the conclusion at which he had arrived.

“ ‘ It was when I came upon the mute witness of these self-made records and perceived in them one phase of a pervading unity that bears with it all things: the mote that quivers in ripples of light, the teeming life upon our earth, and the radiant suns that shine above us- it was then that I understood for the first time a little of that message proclaimed by my ancestors on the banks of the Ganges thirty centuries ago:  “ They who see but One in all the changing manifestations of this universe, unto them belongs Eternal Truth _ unto none else , unto none else”’”

 Page 933 The Royal Science of God-Realization published by Self – Realization Fellowship.

  So if Copper silver and gold metals can be alive and react to influences in a surprisingly similar manner to animals what influence can wrought interacting with electrical body?

 But what if the very atoms themselves have a thinking capacity to have an awareness that they are in fact being observed.? ……..Again from the footnotes of  The Royal Science of God-Realization published by Self – Realization Fellowship. Page 945-.

 Nick Herbert,Ph.D., describes the mathematical foundations of modern physics;
“What the math seems to say is that , between observations, the world exists not as a solid actuality but only as shimmering waves of possibility… Whenever it is looked at, the atom stops vibrating and objectifies one of its many possibilities. Whenever someone chooses to look at it, the atom ceases its fuzzy dance and seems to ‘freeze ‘ into a tiny object with definite attributes, only to dissolve once more into a quivering pool of possibilities as soon as the observer withdraws his attention from it. This apparent observer –induced change in an atom’s mode of existence is called the Collapse of the wave function or simply the quantum jump. 

 One of the most important intellectual figures of the twentieth century was Hungarian-born John Van Neumann… IN his magisterial tome The Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, regarded by many scientists as ‘the bible of quantum theory,’…(the addressed the problem that) something new must be added to ‘collapse the wave function,’ something that is capable of turning fuzzy quantum possibilities into definite actualities . But since von Newmann is forced to describe the entire physical worlds as possibilities , the process that turns some of these maybes into actual facts cannot be a physical process… Searching his mind for an appropriate actually existing nonphysical  entity that could collapse the wave function von Neumann reluctantly conclude that the only known entity fit for this task was consciousness…….

“ By itself the physical world is not fully real , but takes shape only as a result of acts of numerous centers of consciousness. Ironically , this conclusion comes not from some otherworldly mystic examining the depths of his mind in private meditation, but from one of the world’s most practical mathematicians deducing the logical consequences  of a highly successful and purely materialistic model of the world- the theoretical basis for the billion dollar computer industry.”

( commentary above is  from Self- Realization fellowship as Publishers note  page 946)

People wonder why the ratio of diseases is increasing and there is more sickness and less vitality as modern living develops. The self-realized yogis, whom I consider to be amongst  the most advanced thinkers of our ancient  times, say that all disease is created by living contrary to natural spiritual laws. On a more mundane level, we constantly absorb, record, and emit all forms of environmental influences in our evolutionary or devolutionary life style. Most of these influences are so subtle they could be categorized as electrical or frequency based and as such are not always deeply considered. Every thought we have is generally related to an environmental influence and conditioning. We are bombarded with heterogeneous psychic activity from those around us, is there a way to lessen the impact of this restless psychic barrage. It is well known and documented fact that those living in noisier and more populated environments have a shorter lifespan.  Does copper or some other pure metals lessen some of this negative influence a little? Has in depth research been done on this? Of course not with the reason being that anyone can make copper bracelets so there is not monopoly to be had and hence no prospective large scale corporate  financial return if the research was positive.  This is why patented pharmaceuticals and their large corporations dominate the cultural thought of pharmaceutically inclined and coerced  doctors.

The ancient Himalayan Rishis advised that certain metals can be found to counteract and supplement the negative pull on our electrical field and gems are included among these materials. They also related that based on a persons past and present behavior that individual can fall out of sync with the cosmos and their own electrical body  and thus become greatly debilitated in integrating surrounding electro magnetic stimuli or radiations and that certain metals or gems could help counteract these weakened integrative abilities. Every homogenous material has a synchronized rate of vibration, and can have a potential influence on  "consciousness". Every thought that enters into our mind and body influences our energy, magnetic tendencies, hormones, and chemical reactions, etc. Repetition of these mental habits, if negative, bind us into a frequency based bandwidth or “rut” that soon becomes our consistent way of thinking.

In turn, this creates a magnetic pull towards negative or positive circumstances, which are simply self-predetermined events that manifest in our range of magnetism. Hence we should do all we can to uplift our realm of thoughts or rather their frequency to a higher vibration. It seems only logical that by supplementing our electrical body we can affect the mind and magnetism in our body. The ancient yogi’s taught many different ways to uplift the consciousness via a wide variety of modalities. Meditation was a dominant theme as was devotional chanting however wearing talismans and amulets made of pure metal and gems also was a developed science that is slowly being rediscovered.  

We need to go to any source that can stimulate our minds to be more attuned to a higher vibration, to a higher level of consciousness. Then we will feel more at home expressing noble thoughts and actions. Interestingly, this condition has to emanate from within, but it can obviously be stimulated by external environmental influences as well. Beautiful parks, inspiring books, spiritually attractive personalities, philosophical truths, and tolerant religious appreciation and selfless service  all benefit our consciousness. All these forms of expression have a rate of vibration, or consciousness that will penetrate and influence us. 

  But for all the easy to grasp and obvious tools for inspiration there are some that simply are not so obvious. When  specific jewelry that has the crystal-based gemstones touching the skin is worn there is a shift in subtle energy to a more benign uplifting set of frequencies. This can manifest in subtle or obvious ways and many that wear this type of jewelry are adamant to its effectiveness. 

Quantum physics is essentially the study of energy waves. We know it's basically the study of forms of energy that are constantly ebbing and flowing and acting with predictability. Quantum scientists will essentially say “matter” actually isn't there, its just energy. And they prove it with their brilliant  mathematically validated observations and theories.

The human body according to the yogi’s of the Himalayas from ancient times is also a complex system of energy waves or frequencies and just has many more  quanta than the individual atom.

In 1980, I had an enjoyable conversation with the manager of a large, high-tech ceramic magnet factory in Temecula, California. He showed me a three-inch thick file containing the Japanese government's research on the benefits of ceramic magnets on arthritis and other health-related conditions. He wanted to manufacture ceramic magnets and market them as a health tool. In exasperation he told me the FDA had phoned him up and threatened to close him down and send him to jail if he tried to use the Japanese government's research to promote the sale of his magnetic devices. Many hold the view that the American medical associations lobby  work hard to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical industry in order to discredit other forms of physical, electromagnetic, or psychological re-balancing.

In order to understand why there is so little research done on the field of magnetics or copper or other noble metals, one has to understand who runs the FDA and how it operates. If you think lobbyists do not heavily influence the government and that these special interest groups don’t permeate the arms of the government then the next few paragraphs may as well be skipped.  Copper bracelets that are sold for a few dollars and  don’t have a patent on them  can not generate the type of funding to support lobbyists and there persuasive methods. Hence expensive double blind studies are not going to get funded.

Arthritis in its many forms is becoming a trillion dollar industry, and like any competitive industry the goal is to delete or buyout the competition. Copper bracelets are not an item that can create a monopoly and hence can not get a foothold of respect.

Magnetism and electricity are not two separate phenomena. Whenever magnetism is created there must be electricity. The movement of electrons which are always spinning on their axis within the atomic structure is a magnetic force with electrical characteristics. Every atom has a nucleus orbited by spinning electrons, which create a minute electrical current. Non-magnetic materials generally have equal numbers of electrons moving in opposite directions around the nucleus. While magnetic materials have more electrons moving in one direction than the other thereby creating a polar charge within the atomic structure. Copper has a crystalline structure and during the process of crystallization with magnetic materials the atomic structures crystalize and realign themselves into areas known as domains (seen with an electron microscope).

When all the domains become perfectly aligned, then the material has reached a limit of its magnetic capacity. The difference with copper or other crystals is that they simply do not have this other non-opposed electron in their outer orbital shell. The magnetic atoms of Iron and alloys that can crystallize such as nickel boron cobalt, neodymium etc. all offer this ability to support a measureable magnetic force that reacts with iron and themselves. Just as we think we understand some aspect of science its interesting to note that we tend to forget what we don’t understand. It is only if an instrument can detect a force or energy pattern that we can qualify and respect it. There are still hundreds of instruments to be created that can open up new worlds of healing, exploration and energy discovery.

The most significant force of magnetism in the universe is gravity and yet though we can measure it strength via a weight scale we don’t understand how it works and cannot adequately have it explained. With its opposing poles our Mother Earth is like a large bar magnet. Present theory envisions a complicated dynamo interaction between the fluid iron core of the earth and the slow cellular currents of molten rock flowing through the mantel of the earth. But this theory does not adequately explain the gravitational strength on the moon unless it has a similar core.

At the atomic level, the electric currents come from the motion of the electrons. From here quantum mechanics quickly gets esoteric, but some rudimentary understanding is helpful. Quantum physics tells us that this “planetary” view of the atom cannot be true. An electron zipping around a nucleus would generate radio waves, losing energy and eventually would crash into the nucleus.

Apparently, this does not happen, so the classical approach is fatally flawed, and we must turn to quantum mechanics. With the popular tiny electronic circuit concept, somehow the motion of the electrons in their orbital shells acts like an electronic circuit and creates a magnetic moment. Electrons are not always round but can be doughnut shaped and or host of other energy wave shapes. In quantum mechanics, electronic motion is stabilized by the fact that electrons can only have certain energy states; they are quantized.

The electrons spin produces a magnetic moment which is numerically identical to that produced by the orbit. When a single electron occupies a given orbital, it is called “unpaired” and has a magnetic moment. But even when paired that magnetic moment has just been absorbed by another electron with an opposing polar charge. This however is still a strong energy field that can be widely varied with different elements. The point being that if we have not truly discovered how to make gravity or anti gravitational devices on the very planet under our feet what hope do have of discovering the subtle and widely differing energy forces locked with in the different elements that make the earth.

Resonance is a science little understood. When an E string is plucked on a guitar in the same room as another guitar with a perfectly tuned E string the other guitars E string will vibrate with the resonant influence of sound waves acting upon it. Quantum physicists have discovered amazing seemingly telepathic responses between atoms at a great distance that have a resonant frequency. Our body has many elements in it Copper and gold are required in our blood for perfect health. Could the copper bracelet activate  the functions  of copper in our blood  by resonance?

There are 1000 parts per billion of copper atoms streaming in our blood supply? Is this a theory that has much deeper ramifications? Gold has a solution of being 100 parts per billion in our blood. Can certain disease conditions be triggered by a small but significant percentage through the use of resonance and pure elements be they zinc, iron or any other of the more common elements found in the human body.

Because of its role in facilitating iron uptake, copper deficiency can produce anemia-like symptoms, neutropenia, bone abnormalities, hypopigmentation, impaired growth, increased incidence of infections, osteoporosis, hyperthyroidism, and abnormalities in glucose and cholesterol metabolism. Conversely, Wilson's disease causes an accumulation of copper in body tissues.

Severe deficiency can be found by testing for low plasma or serum copper levels, low ceruloplasmin, and low red blood cell superoxide dismutase levels; these are not sensitive to marginal copper status. The "cytochrome c oxidase activity of leucocytes and platelets" has been stated as another factor in deficiency, but the results have not been confirmed by replication.

The ancient yogis explained that there are five distinct and different forms of electricity in our body. There are records of yogi’s who live without breath, levitate and perform miracles it is these same authorities that explain that the body has 5 different electrical currents in our body. For more information on advanced Yogi’s, The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda is an amazing, entertaining, and informative book. The interesting aspect of their discoveries is that modern science seems to have very little  interest in them and can not fathom a science outside of the worthy microscope or test tube. When in fact their  yogic science is attained through refinement of consciousness which is a challenging  lifestyle distant from the  average  brilliant intellect of a scientists comprehension and inclination.

The five currents of Prana

Yogananda goes on to write:

“Specific prana pervades the whole body and differs in its functions in different parts. It can be classified into five different Pranas according to these functions:

(1) Prana,  (by preeminence), or the crystallizing power that brings all other functions into manifestation;

(2) Apana, or the power of excretion, the scavenger energy of the body by which bodily waste products are thrown out;

(3) Vyana, or the power of circulation;

(4) Samana, or assimilation, digestion, by which various foods are processed and assimilated for the nourishment of the body and for building new cells; and 

(5) Udana, or the power by which cells are differentiated in their functions (some growing hair, or skin, or muscle, and so on) by infinite disintegrations and integrations among themselves.

These five Pranas, though separate, are interrelated and act in harmony and interdependence. In truth, they are but the one prana acting in in five different but indissolubly connected ways.”

Now bear in mind that the electricity in the body known as prana is called a crystallizing power. And that certain metals such as Copper have a crystalline structure.

As a young man living in Australia, England, and America, I witnessed a profound disrespect for acupuncture and vegetarianism. Its amazes me to witness the shift from almost hostile indifference in the early 1970’s to respectful acceptance post 2000. It is obvious that this shift will maintain its accelerating momentum away from the biased pharmaceutical paradigm towards respecting the influences of frequencies and vibratory healing on the body electric.

We have yet to discover how to create gravity or anti gravity or detect and identify so many more energy forms that our out there. With these discoveries great headway will be made in understanding the radiating energies of different homogenous materials.

But even when discovered one can expect a hostile culture that has been influenced by commercial pressure groups who have a stranglehold on  the legal system that has been molded to protect those same industrialized pharmaceutical corporations.

As we get older, our ability to be recharged by sunshine or foods lessens. It’s a fact of life that our cells elongate with the advance of old age via the forces of gravity. There must be materials that can slow the aging process that are not always nutritionally based yet can electronically stimulate a life force in the cells. If they are subtle then the adage of “Only consciousness can measure consciousness” must be deeply respected. That is until instrumentation is invented to measure valid research.

Noninvasive tools like a simple copper necklace, bracelet or bangle will  or will not reverse  severe diseases in my view, but could very well slow them down or delay them from developing just through the force of a bio friendly supplement of a different from of elemental magnetism not yet measurable in the lab. I do believe however by observation that many severe disease conditions can be cured by the detoxifying effects of electrically charged ionized water if don’t correctly. In the future man will discover more types of radiation that is both essential to the human condition and healing when given in certain ways. I think at this time that copper has a benign balancing frequency that becomes more beneficial as the body ages.  The Egyptians mined malachite for arthritis. It is a copper oxide based stone found around copper deposits. I cannot think this a coincidence. In olden times before the dramatic development of complex chemistry society watched carefully for influences of metals and stones. A lot of this ancient folklore has been lost in modern times. I am sure some of it was without relevance but not all of it. For more essays specializing in the subject of Copper and the theory of its prospective benefits please review more articles on this website.

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