Copper Spring
Relieve pain naturally

The Amazing Copper Spring Bracelet

   For centuries it has been recognized that copper can absorb pain and offers great relief from symptoms of arthritis, bursitis, gout, and many other forms of discomfort. Its popularity has also increased greatly due to the realization by many wearers that they just feel more balanced when wearing it.

  Everyone knows that copper is a great electrical conductor and, next to pure silver, is one of the best out there.

  All pain is electrical by nature, otherwise it could not travel along the nervous system to the brain. 

  But if it can be conducted and thereby intercepted before it gets to the brain, this will relieve the wearer of a lot of irritation.

  When the pure copper bracelet makes a complete circuit around the arm the nervous energy (pain) is more absorbed than when the bracelet is C shaped and does not join together.

  Most copper bracelets are rigid, C shaped and can only be worn on the wrist, even though the pain may be in the knees, elbow, or elsewhere. We understand how important it is to have the copper touching the skin as close to the site of pain as possible, and also how important it is to have a wide area of contact with the skin. Our bracelets are unique in the way they can be adjusted to a comfortable fit on different areas of the body.


   When adjusted correctly the ergonomic stretchable spring pure copper bracelet can be worn at different points on the legs or arms without slipping. Hence it can often be worn very close to or directly over the site of pain. We do not know of any other solid copper bracelet that can do this.  Our patented design derives from the conclusions to our research regarding the importance of wearing copper in close proximity to the site of pain.

 Please remember rigid C shaped copper bracelets are not comfortable for many people and that the flexible spring bracelet is snug and so comfortable you will not realize you are wearing it most of the time.



How to measure yourself for a pure copper or pure silver spring link bracelet.

 We sell our bracelets by the number of links needed to meet the desired measurement. For example, if you want to wear your bracelet just above the elbow then you will need to measure that part of the arm snugly, with the muscles relaxed, using a piece of string or a tailor’s tape. Snugly wrap the tape or string around the area and then hold tight against a ruler for measurement. The same process applies if you want to wear the bracelet on the area above the biceps or just above the knee, etc.


  A row of ten joined spring links measures 16.5 centimeters or 6.5 inches. So calculating one spring link for every 1.65 centimeters or 0.65 inches, one can arrive at an estimate for the number of links needed to get the right fit. We will estimate the number of links you just need to tell us your measurement and where you plan to wear the bracelet.

 The spring links in these bracelets are cast in pure copper or silver and assembled by hand. The pure copper spring links cost $9 each and the pure silver spring links are $35 each

 Our solid, pure copper spring links are lead, tin and cadmium free, are not varnished & are not plated!

 Standard shipping/handling with insurance within the USA and Canada is $15.

 And yes, we have always offered a 10 day full refund policy on all pure copper and pure silver products if you are not completely satisfied.



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